Monday, October 23, 2006

Endless Dylan

Sept. 2, 2005:
Down in the flood.

How much Bob Dylan does one man really need? For me, the answer is “all of it.” You'd think 31 albums, eight live discs, four greatest-hits collections, two boxed sets, a pair of documentaries, one novel, one sketchbook, one movie and one motion-picture soundtrack was enough. But no. That was the tally two years ago. Then we got “Masked & Anonymous,” Dylan’s latest “movie” (I use the term loosely). Then SuperAudio CD reissues of his 15 must-have records. Then, the first volume of his "Chronicles.” Then his complete "Lyrics.” Then a concert disc recorded at New York's Philharmonic Hall on Halloween night, 1964. And—that’s right—I got all of it...